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Clean up that full ubuntu /boot drive

Without any kind of monitoring or alerting enabled, you may run into your /boot drive becoming full, and resulting in errors such as: Advertisements


Get Volume ID of a Volume, if it exists


Generate Certificates using openssl One Liner

This is useful for scripting the generation of certificates for web servers.


Set Message Attribute on SQS Message

Example on setting message attribute on SQS Message. Subscribers can perform actions based on the attributes.  


Alfresco ADF 2.3 the TL;DR version.

Install NPM Start Alfresco Content Services, and Alfresco Process Services. Locally via SDK with default user/pass (admin:admin)

Clone ADF project from github:

Navigate into the project’s demo-shell sub … Continue reading Alfresco ADF 2.3 the TL;DR version.

How to convert SVG to PNG on a MAC?

This simple command will allow you to generate a PNG of a Font Awesome SVG icon, in the color that you want.  

Command Breakdown: gnu-sed is used, instead … Continue reading How to convert SVG to PNG on a MAC?