Evasive Errors

Very Evasive Proxy Error from Nginx and Apache when uploading files that take more than 1 second to upload. However, the problem was not with Proxy Servers, nor the backend application server. The problem came from the router.


Proxy Error from Nginx, and Apache on large uploads
Large file upload breaks;
Large file uploads disconnect;
File Upload fails if upload >
1000ms or 1 second
No true fix, except for switching routers.
All configurations related to searches on these errors did not fix the problem.


Sample Nginx Errors


Sample Apache Errors


Sample Tomcat Errors

With nginx proxy, there were no errors in tomcat. However Apache with mod_proxy_balancer triggered errors in the Tomcat logs

Components (Applications and Hardware) that resulted in this error

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
Alfresco Community 2017; Alfresco Community 2016;
Linksys Router (Smart Wifi)

Unsure if chromecast devices on this specific router causes issue, as chromecast devices are known to cause network problems.

Thanks to this thread, I was able to validate assumptions of network before reconfiguring new router.


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