07/20 Contract Distribution snapshot, of stocks with more than $1B in outstanding contracts Row Labels CALL PUT Grand Total AAPL  8B  1B  9B AMZN  12B  1B  12B FB  1B  0B  2B MSFT  2B  0B  2B QQQ  2B  1B  3B SPY  4B  2B  6B TSLA  11B  1B  12B Grand Total  40B  5B  46B Call/Put Distribution of contracts with more than $1b in outstanding value   Options Bought on 07/20   AMZN

Can’t live without your dual screen? Try one of these 49″ Ultra Widescreen Monitors on for size: Samsung CHG 90, or DELL Ultra Sharp, Ultra Widescreen, 49″ Monitor. In January, I decided to pick up the Samsung CHG 90. An Ultra Widescreen, 49″ freesync monitor to replace my dual screen monitors. At first I was hesitant due to the price point, but once it was installed, there was no way

One of the recommendations from Keycloak, is to limit the access to the master realm, or use the system without it. However, before we do so, you must first ensure that your other realms has an administrator that can manage it. After which, we can safely disable the Master realm and manage our secondary realms using their respective administrative accounts. To do this, we should first login to the master

Most development projects rely on protected, external resources, such as databases, or rest services; and many times, for the sake of simplified testing, we add those credentials to our configuration files, which, if accidentally leaks to the wrong person, can become a painful and expensive issue. In this article, I will demonstrate how to avoid these issues in a Java, Maven development environment. Password leaks can be avoided by simply

A 5min POC using google sheets in Zeppelin. Testing how easy it would be to drop data into a spreadsheet, then analyze it using Zeppelin. First go into https://docs.google.com and create a new spreadsheet, which would be used for collecting your data. Alternatively, my copy of bank.csv, which is used in this example, can be cloned for yours. Next, you will want to create a shareable link for this spreadsheet,

Extending ACS 6 docker images After you have your ACS 6 local environment running, you’re probably thinking, this is nice, but I want to deploy my favorite amps, like JS console, Alfresco Governance Services (AGS), or even custom developed amps developed with Alfresco SDK.

Apparently the default YouTube app does not cast surround sound. However, YT Music app does. * Cast To Device: Vizio SmartCast * Cast From Device: Samsung S8

This is useful for scripting the generation of certificates for web servers. openssl req -new -newkey rsa:4096 -days 365 -nodes -x509 \ -subj "/C=${node.ssl.country}/ST=${node.ssl.state}/L=${node.ssl.city}/O=${node.ssl.ou}/CN=${node.ssl.cn}" \ -keyout /etc/ssl/private/node-selfsigned.key -out /etc/ssl/certs/node-selfsigned.crt

Example on setting message attribute on SQS Message. Subscribers can perform actions based on the attributes. queue.send_message(MessageBody=json.dumps(instance), MessageAttributes={ 'instance_id': { 'DataType': 'String', 'StringValue': instance } } )