Copy Alfresco’s Audit to Elastic Search: ACS -> ES

Audit Replication of Alfresco Content Services (ACS) to Elastic Search using Spring Boot and Apache Camel.

This project uses a Pull/Push integration model, where the ACS audit stream is pulled from the Rest API, and pushed over to Elastic Search. Once audit data is in Elastic Search, the Kibana UI can plug in to generate dashboards and charts based on audit actions inside of Alfresco Content Services.

Clone Project from github
Configure to connect to Elastic Search 5.6
Configure to connect to Alfresco Content Services 5.2
Log into Alfresco Content Services and perform some activities

Upload documents
Download documents
Edit documents

Log into Kibana and configure data source based on audit logs
Generate some charts, dashboards, and queries
[crayon-5e8fdc4ea9826009215901/] Simple Camel Route to pull/push


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