Softlinks in Synology

The FileStation UI will not let you create a softlink. You will only be able to create “shortcuts,” which are either under favorites, or desktop.

However, since Synology is basically an Alpine based Linux System, it is simple to log into the box through SSH and create a symlink using the command:

ln -s /source /destination

This will easily create a softlink. However, softlinks don’t show up in the FileStation UI. So not very useful, if that’s what you wanted.

Another approach to use bind concept in linux, where you bind one folder to another using the mount command. For this, we will configure the Synology’s fstab so that this configuration is in place during reboot.

To test the command you can run the following

sudo mount --bind /source /destination

Once you’re happy with your configurations, and verified through FileStation, you can unmount your destination with

sudo umount /destination

Next we append the configurations to your /etc/fstab file so that it’s available for reboot. Also ensure that the target folder exists.

mkdir /volume2/homes/username/Drive/BoundedFolder && sudo echo "/volume2/homes/username/Drive/MyFolder /volume2/homes/username/Drive/BoundedFolder none bind,user,auto 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

This should now allow the BoundedFolder to contain the same contents of MyFolder, and you can interact with it normally inside the FileStation UI or any other UIs.

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