Smart Home Level 1: Automatic Lighting


Another cheap easy way to automate lighting in your home, is to use motion sensed or occupancy sensed switches. These switches are good for places like laundry rooms, half bathrooms, boiler rooms, walk in pantries, etc.

  • Time to implement 30mins
  • Complexity: Easy
  • Cost: < $20

Safety First

Always remember when working with electricity, to turn off the breaker or fuse to the area that you’ll be working in. Additionally, wear rubber gloves, and use well insulated tools to avoid any accidental contact with a live wire. When joining wires always secure them with wire nuts, splicing sleeves or electrical tape.




  • Turn off power to switch that you’re changing
  • Remove wall plate for the switch
  • Remove screws that hold the switch in its housing
  • Remove wiring from current switch
  • Wire up new occupancy sensor — the sensor pins should be self explanatory; red, black, and ground. Incase the wiring isn’t clear from first glance, be sure to read the instructions that comes with the switch.
  • Mount your new switch back into the housing
  • Cover up with the wall plate

Power on, and enjoy the hands free motion activated switch!

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