Alfresco Activiti workflow form control override with upload functionality that makes use of the following concepts:


  • Alfresco Enterprise 4.2.2
  • Maven 3.x
  • JDK 7.x


git clone [git-repo-url] alfresco-workflow-upload cd alfresco-workflow-upload mvn install -Prun


  • Log into Alfresco Share with username admin:admin
  • Start a new workflow under My Tasks
  • Select [New Task] from the dropdown
  • Fill in appropriate fields
  • Upload a file
  • Start Workflow

Additional Information

  • Files uploaded directly from the workflow form, will be uploaded into /Shared/Workflow/Uploads/[username]-Date
  • When the uploaded file is moved out of the uploaded folder, into another another location, the tmp folder will be deleted
  • While workflow is active, the associated files need to be in a directory that is accessible to the user assigned to the workflow. Otherwise they won’t see the file.




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